Never Let Your Gas Go Down Near Empty In The Winter

Gas prices haven't been cheap and it's understandable that some people may want to try to minimize fill-ups as much as possible to save money. But in the wintertime, you should never let your fuel get low because even if it doesn't go on empty, you'll be dealing with problems that will make it difficult to start. Our dealership encourages you to keep your tank full at all times.

What Happens When Your Tank Is Near Empty In The Winter?

Connecting your fuel tank to the engine are fuel lines, and it's important that these lines don't freeze in the winter. If the fuel tank is less than half full, condensation can occur in very freezing temperatures, and when it gets in the fuel lines it can freeze solid. If that happens, your engine will not start and could get ruined, so always keep that tank full.

At Union Park BMW, we not only recommend keeping your fuel tank full, but also having other checks to make sure your vehicle will keep running, so you should bring it to our dealership so we can perform necessary maintenance on it.

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