Roadside Emergency: What To Carry In Your Vehicle

You never know what you are going to need in a roadside emergency. Tires can blowout, the engine may stall, but having a few safety items in the vehicle can help.

Jumper cables

If you have ever left your lights on, you know how handy a pair of jumper cables can be. Learn how to jump-start your car before you need to, and you will need to drive the car for 10 or 20 minutes after the jump, to charge back up the battery.

A flashlight with fresh batteries

Accidents happen at night. A flashlight will help you find tools and help other drivers see you. If you have to walk to safety, the flashlight will lead the way.


If your tire has a slow leak, a can of fix-a-flat can get you to a mechanic. This canister attaches to the tire's valve stem and sprays in a solution to temporary fix the tire.

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