It is Time for Exhaust Service?

When you bring your vehicle to Union Park BMW for your routine inspection, there are a number of different areas of your car that our service technicians will look at in order to determine if it's still in safe driving condition. One area of the vehicle we pay a lot of attention to is the muffler of your vehicle as well as the exhaust that comes from the muffler. This is a portion of the vehicle that will affect the performance of your engine, but it will also affect the sound pollution that you are contributing with your vehicle.

You may have noticed that your vehicle has been sounding louder than normal lately when you drive it, but sometimes the increase in sound is very gradual. As your muffler becomes worn, you won't necessarily notice that a problem has developed. We are here to help and happy to do so! Find replacement parts for your BMW at our Wilmington dealership.

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