Prepare Your BMW for Winter

Whether you like it or not, Winter is just around the corner. And we don't have to tell you how quickly and quietly the cold air can sneak up on you. Before Jack Frost arrives, you need to make sure your BMW is as prepared as you are for the upcoming change in the seasons. Union Park BMW in Wilmington has some helpful tips to get your BMW ready for winter.

Regular Maintenance

The easiest way to get your BMW ready for winter is by planning a visit to the service team at Union Park BMW and let them take care of you. They will check to make sure you have the right viscosity of oil and correct amount of coolant, brake and transmission fluid to get you through the bitter winter days. Getting a set of expert eyes under your hood is the best way to ensure your BMW will be ready to go when the mercury starts to drop into the single digits.

Wipers, Battery, Lights

You never realize how vital these elements are for your BMW, until one of them stops working. When the snow starts falling, you don't want to be driving home to New Castle with bad wipers. If you can't remember the last time you replaced your wipers, now is the time. Every six months you should switch those out. Otherwise your visibility will take a hit by wiping ice and snow across your windshield, instead of wiping it away. While you're at it, fill your wiper fluid with freeze resistant wiper fluid.

Don't get caught off-guard with a weak battery this winter. Have your battery and jumper cables checked by the team at Union Park BMW. Your battery's capacity is naturally limited, the colder it gets. You don't want to find out the hard way your battery doesn't have enough charge to get you through the next storm. Making sure your lights work properly is a great way to know you'll be able to see the road on snowy or foggy days.

Brake Checks

Nothing is more important than being able to confidently slow and stop on snow-packed or icy roads. If you notice any unnecessary sounds or vibrations on the dry roads in Newark now, you likely have a problem. Imagine how much tougher it will be to come to a stop when it snows. Union Park BMW can inspect your brakes to see if there are any cracks or warping. Then replace those in no time at all.

Start Your Winter at Union Park BMW

The best way to prepare your BMW for the winter is by stopping in to Union Park BMW before it arrives. Let our team prepare your car or SAV for the change in seasons, so you can enjoy the winter the right way.

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