Winter is Coming. Be Prepared in a BMW SUV

Winters in Delaware can be a beautiful thing. Once the snow starts falling in your neighborhood, there is no idyllic sight. But the snow doesn't always stay in the grass and on the homes. It falls in the street. Then it ices over. And that makes for a slick and treacherous drive for you and your family. Luckily for you, you're driving a BMW SUV from Union Park BMW in Wilmington.

What makes a SUV from Union Park a great option for your daily commute during the winter months? There is more to a BMW SUV or Sport Activity Vehicle, than just handsome good looks. Each SUV from BMW is equipped to handle a variety of conditions, including snow-packed and frosty roads.

You have seven BMW SUV models to choose from: from the subcompact X1 all the way up to the large and luxurious X7. Each one includes an xDrive trim level, designed with all-wheel drive for ultimate traction. The xDrive train can make the difference between a safe drive and a slick ride through New Castle. Your other option is a rear wheel drive sDrive trim levels. Both can handle your wintery commute confidently, but without a doubt your best results come in the all-wheel drive xDrive.

One thing you don't want to forget when you hit the road from Newark this winter is your all-season or snow tires. Fitting your BMW with these functional tires make it known you are ready for winter. These will give you ultimate traction on slippery surfaces. When your BMW's Traction control in enabled, you can tackle most any road condition.

Another advantage that helps you handle the winterized roads of Newark or Wilmington is the high clearance of a BMW SUV. The BMW X5 has a ground clearance of eight inches, which can get you through most winter storms you will encounter in the coming months.

Don't be afraid to head out on the road to New Castle and beyond, this winter. Slap some winter tires on your X-Series SUV and explore your winter wonderland.

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