Why Buy a Certified 2015 BMW X3 xDrive28i SAV or Certified 2015 BMW 428i xDrive Gran Coupe?

Throughout our extensive inventory of Certified Pre-Owned BMW vehicles for sale in Wilmington, DE, you can find a variety of popular models. And each and every one of them are in high-quality condition. What kind of Certified luxury vehicle are you in the market for near Wilmington Manor? Is it a luxury car with a striking design? A Certified 2015 BMW 428i xDrive Gran Coupe may be what you need. If it is a luxury SUV with head-turning style and utility that sounds right for your lifestyle, then a Certified 2015 BMW X3 xDrive28i SAV is sure to be a…

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Why Purchasing Certified Vehicles are a Great Alternative to New and Used

Are you looking for a wallet-friendly vehicle? While many turn to used cars for this, there is another option that provides a way to obtain cars that are like-new in quality that offer top-notch features; Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. If you have been a BMW enthusiast with a budget in mind for your next car, you can find a variety of luxury cars and SUVs in our Certified Pre-Owned BMW inventory in Wilmington, DE. These vehicles offer what you love about BMW vehicles, and at a money-saving price tag compared to buying new.

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Have The Space And Luxury You Need In The BMW X1 SAV

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Just because you need a vehicle that can carry your family or friends, doesn't mean that you have to skimp on the luxury and power that you crave. The BMW X1 SAV is ready to prove that you can have it all.

  • Space

    Even though the BMW X1 is considered a compact SAV, that doesn't mean it lacks the space that you require. Your five passengers will enjoy plenty of elbow room, including the spacious rear back seat that comes with 39.4 inches of headroom, and your luggage, sports equipment, beach gear, and tools will be safely…

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Introducing the All-New BMW X2: The Fast and Classy SAC that Delaware Needs!


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You've heard of an SUV, you've heard of a coupe, convertible or hatchback; but, what about something in between? We're talking about a sports activity coupe (SAC) and, as its name suggests, an SAC is the type of vehicle for those with a fun and active lifestyle, someone like you! Here at Union Park BMW, we have just the SAC to meet the needs of your fun and carefree lifestyle: the 2018 BMW X2 XDrive28i, all-new to the BMW brand and ready to…

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Belts and Hoses 101

The myriad of belts on hoses on every vehicle can be intimidating. However, their importance in ensuring a safe and efficient ride cannot be overstated. Every vehicle has a specific maintenance schedule dependent on manufacturer recommendations. Each component of the vehicle's internal system provides an individual function in driving the engine power, transferring critical fluids, and keeping all parts moving in sync. From the timing belt to the radiator hose to the serpentine belt, all of these parts must work together. Signs of wear on these parts include squealing noises...
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Consider a Pre-Owned BMW

So, you are on the hunt for a new BMW, but have you considered a pre-owned BMW? Here at Union Park BMW, we maintain a well-stocked inventory of quality pre-owned BMW vehicles that offers a variety of coupes, sedans, and SUVs from which to choose to help you best fit the specific needs and desires of your lifestyle.

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The Effect of Extreme Temperatures on Batteries

Most vehicle owners know that batteries have designated lifespans. However, many may not realize that extreme temperatures may shorten that time. In the winter, engine oil is thicker, which requires more power to start and warm the engine. The need to run the heater and use the headlights due to fewer hours of daylight also stress the battery.

During summer, extreme heat causes the battery acid to evaporate, which weakens the battery. Having to run the windshield wipers during a storm or the air conditioner for comfort increases the power requirement from the battery.

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Discover the Right Way to Jump Start Another Car

In order to jump-start another vehicle, it is important you understand the correct procedure, so you don't get hurt or damage either vehicle. To be safe, you should be wearing safety glasses and work gloves. Bring the running car as close to the front of the car needing to be jumped. Turn the engine off, make sure the car lights are off, then open the hood on both cars.

Here is the correct way to use the jumper cables; red to positive on the good battery, red to positive on the bad battery, black to negative on the good…

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Boost Safety in Your Car by Enhancing Flawed Headlights

When headlights are cloudy, the process of illuminating an environment can be very challenging. During a rainstorm, inefficient headlights can cause dramatic problems because the beams can't effectively shine through the flawed housing that's layered with the cloudy substance. If you want to enhance the yellowish housing on each headlight, you can accomplish this objective by following a few easy steps.

Many stores provide traditional items that can remove stains on an automotive headlight housing. For example, because toothpaste has a variety of abrasive components...

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Roadside Emergency: What To Carry In Your Vehicle

You never know what you are going to need in a roadside emergency. Tires can blowout, the engine may stall, but having a few safety items in the vehicle can help.

Jumper cables

If you have ever left your lights on, you know how handy a pair of jumper cables can be. Learn how to jump-start your car before you need to, and you will need to drive the car for 10 or 20 minutes after the jump, to charge back up the battery.

A flashlight with fresh batteries

Accidents happen at night. A flashlight will help you find tools…
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