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The Effect of Extreme Temperatures on Batteries

Most vehicle owners know that batteries have designated lifespans. However, many may not realize that extreme temperatures may shorten that time. In the winter, engine oil is thicker, which requires more power to start and warm the engine. The need to run the heater and use the headlights due to fewer hours of daylight also stress the battery.

During summer, extreme heat causes the battery acid to evaporate, which weakens the battery. Having to run the windshield wipers during a storm or the air conditioner for comfort increases the power requirement from the battery.

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Discover the Right Way to Jump Start Another Car

In order to jump-start another vehicle, it is important you understand the correct procedure, so you don't get hurt or damage either vehicle. To be safe, you should be wearing safety glasses and work gloves. Bring the running car as close to the front of the car needing to be jumped. Turn the engine off, make sure the car lights are off, then open the hood on both cars.

Here is the correct way to use the jumper cables; red to positive on the good battery, red to positive on the bad battery, black to negative on the good…

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